DNA Structures for Cancer Therapy

DNA Structures for Cancer Therapy

Our research team creates structures from DNA and RNA as targeted medicines for the treatment of cancer. To do this, we study and control the fundamental self-assembly properties of DNA, polymers and supramolecular materials.

DNA Supramolecular Chemistry

Using only a minimal set of DNA strands, we build unique 3D structures for applications such as drug delivery and the organization of other materials. This strategy allows us to make complex constructs that will be useful for translation to clinical applications.

Expanding the DNA Toolbox

In the Sleiman lab, we work towards combining DNA with many other materials, including organic molecules, polymers, metal ions, and inorganic nanomaterials, to explore how DNA can be used to modify and organize these moieties. We make sequence-defined polymers with DNA, and study their ability to act as cancer therapies.