Prof. Hanadi F. Sleiman


Hanadi Sleiman is a Professor of Chemistry and Canada Research Chair in DNA Nanoscience at McGill University. She received her Ph.D. from Stanford University, and was a CNRS postdoctoral fellow in Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn’s laboratory at the Université Louis Pasteur. She joined the faculty at McGill University in 1999, where her research group focuses on using the molecule DNA as a template to assemble nanostructured materials.

Sleiman is Fellow of the Royal Society (London) and of the Royal Society of Canada (2016), Associate Editor of J. Am. Chem. Soc., and Editorial Advisory Board member of J. Org. Chem., ChemBioChem, and Trends in Chem.

Among her research recognitions are the NSERC Polanyi Award (2021), Cottrell STAR Award (2021), Albus Award (Grifols, 2018), Killam Research Fellowship (2018), Canadian Society of Chemistry R. U. Lemieux Award (2018), Netherlands Scholar Award in Supramolecular Chemistry (2018), Izatt-Christensen Award in Supramolecular Chemistry (2016), Canadian Institute of Chemistry E. Gordon Young Award (2011), Canadian Society for Chemistry Strem Award (2009), NSERC Discovery Accelerator (2008), McGill Dawson Award (2004-13), Fellow of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (2004-12) and Cottrell Scholar (Research Corp., 2002). She received named lectureships including Ayer (U. Alberta), Hirschmann (U. Wisconsin-Madison), BP Sustainability (U. Cambridge), Bristol-Myers-Squibb (Columbia U. and MIT), Swiss Chemical Society (U. Genève, EPFL, U. Neuchâtel, U. Fribourg, U. Basel) and E. Gordon Young (Chemical Institute of Canada).

Sleiman received the McGill Principal’s Prize (2002) and the Leo Yaffe Award (2005) for Excellence in Teaching.

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