March 2017

Congratulations, Amani, for being awarded the 2016/2017 Carl Winkler Award! This is given annually to the PhD candidate who, upon graduation, is […]

November 2015

Our paper “Transfer of molecular recognition information from DNA nanostructures to gold nanoparticles,” appears in Nature Chemistry (link:  The authors are: […]

May 2015

Graham and Janane’s paper, “Sequential growth of long DNA strands with user-defined patterns for nanostructures and scaffolds” appears in Nature Communications.  See […]

March 2015

Amani and Graham’s paper, “Stepwise growth of surface-grafted DNA nanotubes visualized at the single-molecule level” appears in Nature Chemistry.  This work is […]

October 2014

Chris, Tom, Pongphak and Karina’s paper entitled: “Precision Polymers and 3D DNA Nanostructures: Emergent Assemblies from New Parameter Space” appears in J. […]